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Tim Regan, MA has been an instructor of Chinese therapeutic movement arts for over twenty years. He began practice in 1988 and has gone on to study both traditional and contemporary approaches to Tai Chi, Daoyin, Qigong, Xingyi and Bagua for both health promotion and self-defense. His longest tenure as a student has been with B.P. Chan and associated instructors Reggie Jackson, David Saltman, and Richard Satlow. Tim received his Masters in Health Arts and Sciences from Goddard College in 2006. He spent two years as a clinic assistant with Tom Bisio and was certified in Chinese bodywork through Zheng Gu Tui Na in 2009.

In addition to being the owner of WaterWheel Tai Chi, Tim heads the Movement and Respiration Studies curriculum for the University of Bridgeport Acupuncture Institute where he teaches both therapeutic Tai Chi and Qigong as well as Tuina bodywork. At UBAI, he has developed a practical, clinic-based Qigong method for acupuncture students to implement with their patients.  In cooperation with Barefoot Living Arts, Fairfield CT, Tim has expanded this method into 50-hour certification programs in Chinese Therapeutic Movement and Therapeutic Tai Chi to help demystify and integrate these simple, effective techniques with other modalities.

Tim offers group and private instruction both in person and online as well as integrated bodywork and therapeutic movement sessions to free joints, improve muscle balance, and relieve chronic pain and stress, as well as making space to experience the benefits of a regular movement practice quickly and deeply.

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