Certificate in Chinese Therapeutic Movement (CTM 1)

Live Online Workshops 2020-2021 

Explore three key pillars of Chinese medicine for health and well-being.  Simple, hands-on lessons integrate therapeutic exercise (Daoyin/Qigong), breathing (TuNa), acupressure (Anmo), and assisted movement (Tuina) to experience the deep structure of the body from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine.

       Beginners will gain:
       ● practical self-treatment strategies for your health and well-being
       ● an experiential introduction to traditional Chinese medicine
       ● competency at teaching a variety of foundation exercises

       Movement instructors will gain:
       ● new exercises easily integrated into a variety of practices and classes
       ● new body maps to help improve student performance and understanding
       ● simple strategies for adapting exercises to individual needs and challenges

       Bodyworkers will gain:
       ● gentle range of motion and release techniques
       ● improved body mechanics and self-care to support your work
       ● integrated exercise recommendations for clients

       Chinese medicine practitioners will gain:
       ● additional modalities that complement acupuncture and moxibustion
       ● seamless integration with TCM treatment principles
       ● practical embodiment of your understanding of qi, channels, and organs

Our 50-hour CTM 1 series consists of 10 workshops offered one weekend a month over the course of a year. In-depth class notes and online videos included.

Workshops can be taken individually, though there is a discount for the complete series. Ten 5-hour days are sequenced progressively, beginning in September, but are not required to be taken in order. In each class, emphasis is placed on perceiving, understanding, and guiding qi for specific therapeutic benefit.  Upon completion of all 10 CTM 1 workshops, a 50-hour certificate will be issued.

The CTM Certification series is 10 five-hour individual weekends, paid individually over the course of the year ($650 total) or by a single full-program discounted tuition ($600). For participants who have already enrolled in one full weekend day ($65), this tuition can be applied to a 9-weekend discount package ($535). All workshops will be recorded in the event a participant misses a class.

For the coming year, our focus has shifted to online learning. Assisted movements and palpation of soft tissue, channels, and channel cavities will be made clear through our live stream workshops, detailed class notes, and online video recordings.

        Fall/Spring 2020-2021 CTM 1 series (classes meet Sat & Sun 10 AM - 12:30 PM)

       9/19-20 “Exploring the Two Qi: Integrating Breath and Body Channels”

       10/10-11 “Refreshing Your Lungs, Diaphragm, and Shoulders”

       11/07-8 “The Wellspring of Your Foot-Lumbar Pump”

       12/05-6 “Securing Your Kidney: Hormonal Balance and Aging”

       1/30-31 “Freeing Your Spine and Alleviating Chronic Pain”

       2/27-28 “Easing Liver Qi and Your Stress Response”

       3/27-28 “Digestion, Metabolism, and Fatigue”

       4/24-25 “Strengthening Joints and Body Integrity”

       5/22-23 “Clearing Your Chest, Invigorating Circulation, and Nourishing Your Heart”

       6/26-27 “Targeting Goals and Tailoring Your Practice”

Advanced workshops and certifications

We have postponed the launch of our advanced 50-hour CTM 2 certificate until fall 2021.