Tremendous thanks to everyone who has kept our program vibrant through these challenging recent years!

Tim's classes are accessible and simple—so a beginner can benefit from them. His classes are also deeply complex—there is always another layer to uncover and explore.                       ... Louise F.


Current CTM 1 Series

Freeing Your Spine and
Alleviating Chronic Pain
in-person 1/09-1/23 (3 weeks)

Learn gentle yet deep spinal twists for releasing tension to relieve pain and weakness due to obstructions to the free flow of qi and blood. Strengthen your reserves and improve circulation to help relieve headaches, back and shoulder pain, joint pain and stiffness, and repetitive stress injuries of the wrist, arm, and shoulders.

Current CTM 2 Series

Swimming Dragon
Opening the Three Levels

online 1/23-1/30 (2 weeks)

Expand on the deep spinal flexion and rotation in a complete exercise that helps balance the fluid circulation throughout the three levels of your torso to harmonize digestion, respiration, and hormonal balance.

CTM 1: Channel-based Therapeutic Movement Certificate (50 hrs online)

Explore key pillars of Chinese medicine for health and well-being.  Simple, hands-on lessons integrate therapeutic exercise (Daoyin/Qigong), breathing (TuNa), qi circulation (Xingqi), self-massage (Anmo), and fingertip acupressure (Zhiya) to experience the deep structure of the body from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine. Our 50-hour CTM 1 series consists of carefully sequenced  workshops offered once a week from October through May. Workshops are recorded and available for review at any time.
The CTM 1 certificate includes dozens of specific exercises and treatment strategies within the context of traditional Chinese medicine as well as a personalized approach to the most popular health maintenance routines. In each class, emphasis is placed on perceiving, understanding, and guiding qi for specific therapeutic benefit. The detailed palpation of soft tissue, channels, and cavities is made clear through our workshops, detailed class notes, and online video recordings.

This year, we are proud to be partnering with Aiping Tai Chi in Milford CT. Follow this link for full program or individual session registration.


Beginners will gain:
  ●  Practical self-treatment strategies for your health and well-being
  ●  An experiential introduction to traditional Chinese medicine
  ●  Competency at teaching a variety of foundation exercises

Movement instructors will gain:
  ●  New exercises easily integrated into a variety of practices and classes
  ●  New body maps to help improve student performance and understanding
  ●  Simple strategies for adapting exercises to individual needs and challenges

Bodyworkers will gain:
  ●  Gentle range of motion and release techniques
  ●  Improved body mechanics and self-care to support your work
  ●  Integrated exercise recommendations for clients

Chinese medicine practitioners will gain:
  ●   Additional modalities that complement acupuncture and moxibustion
  ●  Seamless integration with TCM treatment principles
  ●  Practical embodiment of your understanding of qi, channels, and organs


Fall 2023/Spring 2024 CTM 1 sessions (classes meet Tuesday mornings 7-8:30 AM in Milford CT)

10/3-10/17 Session 1: Exploring the Two Qi: Integrating Breath and Body Channels  (3 weeks)
  • Experience the Chinese understanding of the body channels (meridians) as conduits of qi (movement and communication) in conjunction with the biomedical concept of fascial connections reaching from the limbs up through your head and torso. We also explore the breath as a source of movement, transformation, and health in conjunction with the respiratory diaphragm's action outward through the same fascial network.
10/24-11/07 Session 2: Refresh Your Lungs, Diaphragm, and Shoulders  (3 weeks)
  • Explore a broad experience of the Lungs from Chinese medicine including the relationship to your chest, shoulders, diaphragm, abdomen, lower back, Heart, Kidneys, sinuses, and skin, as well as the autumnal "metal tiger" season when stagnant pathogenic qi is purged and the immune system activated.
11/14-11/28 Session 3: Activate Your Foot-Lumbar Wellspring for Joint Health  (3 weeks)
  • Activate the dynamic root of your feet that frees your hips and pelvis, strengthens knees and lower back, supports your spine, neck, and head, and invigorates circulation. Learn to assess postural alignment and how meditative walking can be one of the most complete exercises for whole body health and fitness.
12/05-12/19 Session 4: Securing Your Kidney Qi: Hormonal Balance and Aging  (3 weeks)
  • Experience how the broader Kidney system influences your water metabolism, adrenal balance, and the health of your entire pelvic region through exercises that loosen and activate your deep abdomen, lower back, and spine as well as expelling chronic pains worsened by cold weather.

12/26 -1/02 Winter Break (2 weeks)

1/09-1/23 Session 5: Freeing Your Spine and Alleviating Chronic Pain  (3 weeks)

  • Learn gentle yet deep spinal twists for releasing tension to relieve pain and weakness due to obstructions to the free flow of qi and blood. Strengthen your reserves and improve circulation to help relieve headaches, back and shoulder pain, joint pain and stiffness, and repetitive stress injuries of the wrist, arm, and shoulders, as well as improve range of motion, and invigorate your vision and hearing.

1/30-2/13 Session 6: Easing Liver Qi and Your Stress Response”  (3 weeks)  
  • Wake up slow, stiff muscles, clear away the winter doldrums and workday frustration, and energize your body from feet to fingertips while encouraging relaxed clarity of mind. Your Liver system governs the free flow of qi and blood throughout you body to encourage strong, fluid movement, good digestion, deep relaxed breathing, sexual health, restful sleep, and emotional balance.

2/20-3/05 Session 7: “Digestion, Fatigue, and Muscle Health”  (3 weeks)
  • Activate your abdomen, limbs, and mid-back to build core support, leg strength, and muscle health. Abdominal exercises harmonize the deep yin-yang dynamics behind digestion and daily energy, tissue strength, bright complexion, and relaxed concentration.
3/12-3/26 Session 8: “Nourish Heart and Spirit While Invigorating Circulation"  (3 weeks)
  • Open your chest and shoulders, relieve arm pain, and help reduce inflammation, anxiety, palpitations, and insomnia. In Chinese medicine, Heart, Mind, and Spirit are aspects of a single system that radiates through the channels to express vibrant health through your face, skin, voice, eyes, and posture.

4/02-4/16 Session 9: “Personalizing the Transforming Sinews Method (Muscle Changing Classic)"  (3 weeks)
  • Learn a personalized approach to the Transforming Sinews Method (Muscle Change Classic), one of the most popular routines for strengthening joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles, fascia, and bones. Natural and graceful, this routine can be developed into a strenuous full-body practice of twelve exercises. We will explore multiple variations of each exercise to ensure a good fit for every practitioner.
4/23-5/07 Session 10: “Personalizing the Eight-piece Brocade”  (3 weeks)
  • Explore multiple approaches to each exercise of the Eight-piece Brocade, a popular routine that draws upon the channel system to integrate the mobilization of your outer musculoskeletal system with the regulation of your inner organ systems in a brief daily practice.
5/14-5/28 Session 11: “Personalizing the Six Word Formula (Six Healing Sounds) and Developing New Routines”  (3 weeks)
  • Investigate how the ancient Six Word Formula (Six Healing Sounds) utilizes vocal resonance, visualization, and movement for treating your organ systems and relieving the effects of emotional stress. We will also explore how to create new routines from the entire year’s repertoire tailored to the personal needs of you, your students, or clients.

CTM 2: Advanced Channel-based Therapeutic Movement Certificate (50 hours)

Deepen your practice of Chinese therapeutic movement by exploring how the basic strategies combine to create powerful and synergistic effects through the movements of Tai Chi, Bagua, the Five Animal Play, and other traditional practices. In order to fully uncover the internal dynamics of traditional exercises, we will compare multiple systems of each (for example with five different interpretations of the Tiger Play, both in place and walking). We will review the basic exercises and strategies of CTM 1 as a jumping off point for each new curriculum block. This course will also further your understanding of traditional Chinese diagnosis and treatment strategies.

Program Enrollment
  ● 2 or 4-week sessions can be taken individually or the entire series can be taken as a certificate training. 
  ● There is a discount for the complete 33-week series ($599).
  ● Optionally, participants can opt for rolling enrollments in individual 2-week sessions ($39) and 4-week sessions ($79) as described in the schedule (for a total of $648).
  ● The first 2-week curriculum block ($39), can be applied to the full year discount package ($599-$39=$560) before the second curriculum block begins.
  ● Upon completion of all CTM 2 workshops, a 50-hour certificate will be issued. (Certificates require the full sequence in order.)

Fall 2023/Spring 2024 CTM 2 sessions (Tuesdays 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM via livestream)

10/03-10/10 Advanced Breathing Methods to Strengthen Your Lung Qi  (2 weeks)
10/17-11/07 Tiger Play: Harmonizing Your Lungs and Liver (4 weeks)   
11/14-11/21 Xingyi Tripartite Stance and Taiji Ruler: Strengthening Root and Intention (2 weeks)
11/28-12/05 Bagua Circle Walking for Unifying Your Legs and Spine (2 weeks)
12/12-1/16  Bear Play: Supplementing Your Kidney, Liver, and Digestion (4 weeks; no holiday classes 12/26 & 1/2)
1/23-1/30 Swimming Dragon: Opening the Three Levels (2 weeks)
2/06-2/13 Guo Lin's New Qigong: cancer-therapy walk (2 weeks)
2/20-3/12 Deer Play: Nourishing Your Spine and Tendons (4 weeks)
3/19-4/09 Monkey Play: Harmonizing Digestion and Refreshing Your Brain (4 weeks)
4/16-4/23 Applying the Five Animals Play to Tai Chi (2 weeks)
4/30-5/21 Crane Play: Nourishing Heart and Lung, Refining the Spirit (4 weeks)
5/28 Improvised (Spontaneous) Five Animals Play and Personalized Practice (1 week)

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