Tremendous thanks to everyone who has kept our program vibrant through these challenging recent years!

Tim's classes are accessible and simple—so a beginner can benefit from them. His classes are also deeply complex—there is always another layer to uncover and explore.                       ... Louise F.


Upcoming Workshop

Personalizing Traditional Routines:
"Six Character Recipe"

Learn this ancient practice for treating the internal organs based on sound, visualization, and movement. We will focus on the specific mouth shapes and directed resonance with the intention of benefiting organ systems and relieving the effects of emotional stress.

Livestream and Recorded
3 Tuesdays 9:30-11:00 AM
4/18 & 4/25 2023


CTM 1: Channel-based Therapeutic Movement Certificate (50 hrs online)

Explore key pillars of Chinese medicine for health and well-being.  Simple, hands-on lessons integrate therapeutic exercise (Daoyin/Qigong), breathing (TuNa), qi circulation (Xingqi), self-massage (Anmo), and fingertip acupressure (Zhiya) to experience the deep structure of the body from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine. Our 50-hour CTM 1 series consists of carefully sequenced livestream workshops offered once a week from September through May. Workshops are recorded and available for review at any time.  (See below for in-person description.)

Beginners will gain:
  ●  Practical self-treatment strategies for your health and well-being
  ●  An experiential introduction to traditional Chinese medicine
  ●  Competency at teaching a variety of foundation exercises

Movement instructors will gain:
  ●  New exercises easily integrated into a variety of practices and classes
  ●  New body maps to help improve student performance and understanding
  ●  Simple strategies for adapting exercises to individual needs and challenges

Bodyworkers will gain:
  ●  Gentle range of motion and release techniques
  ●  Improved body mechanics and self-care to support your work
  ●  Integrated exercise recommendations for clients

Chinese medicine practitioners will gain:
  ●   Additional modalities that complement acupuncture and moxibustion
  ●  Seamless integration with TCM treatment principles
  ●  Practical embodiment of your understanding of qi, channels, and organs

The CTM 1 certificate includes dozens of specific exercises and treatment strategies within the context of traditional Chinese medicine as well as a personalized approach to the most popular health maintenance routines. In each class, emphasis is placed on perceiving, understanding, and guiding qi for specific therapeutic benefit. The detailed palpation of soft tissue, channels, and cavities is made clear through our livestream workshops, detailed class notes, and online video recordings.

Program Enrollment (live online)
  ●  There is a discount for the complete 33-week series ($599).
  ●  Optionally, participants can enroll for curriculum blocks of 2-3 classes as outlined in the schedule ($39/2-week block and $59/3-week block).
  ●  Curriculum blocks can also be enrolled out of series but will not count toward certification (which requires the full sequence in order).
  ●  The first 2-week curriculum block ($39), can be applied to the full year discount package ($599-$39=$560) before the second curriculum block begins.
  ●  Upon completion of all CTM 1 workshops, a 50-hour certificate will be issued.

Fall/Spring 2022-2023 CTM 1 curriculum blocks (online classes meet Tuesday mornings 9-10:30 AM)

  9/20-9/27 “Exploring the Two Qi: Integrating Breath and Body Channels" (2 weeks)
  10/04-10/18 “Refreshing Your Lungs, Diaphragm, and Shoulders” (3 weeks)
  10/25-11/08 “The Wellspring of Your Foot-Lumbar Pump (3 weeks)
  11/15-11/29 “Securing Your Kidney: Hormonal Balance and Aging” (3 weeks)
  12/06-12/20 “Freeing Your Spine and Alleviating Chronic Pain” (3 weeks)
  1/03-1/17 “Easing Liver Qi and Your Stress Response” (3 weeks)  
  1/24-2/07 “Digestion, Muscle Health, and Fatigue” (3 weeks)
  2/14-2/28 “Nourish Your Heart, Invigorate Circulation, and Settle your Spirit” (3 weeks)
  3/07-3/21 “Personalizing Musculoskeletal Routines: Transforming Sinews Method (Muscle Changing Classic)" (3 weeks)
  3/28-4/11 “Personalizing Channel-centered Routines: Eight-piece Brocade” (3 weeks)
   4/18-4/25 “Personalizing Organ-centered Routines: Six Word Formula (Six Healing Sounds)” (2 weeks)
   5/02-5/09 “Developing Routines for Specific Complaints" (2 weeks)

CTM 2: Advanced Channel-based Therapeutic Movement Certificate (50 hours)

Deepen your practice of Chinese therapeutic movement by exploring how the basic strategies combine to create powerful and synergistic effects through the movements of Tai Chi, Bagua, the Five Animal Play, and other traditional practices. In order to fully uncover the internal dynamics of traditional exercises, we will compare multiple systems of each (for example with five different interpretations of the Tiger Play, both in place and walking). We will review the basic exercises and strategies of CTM 1 as a jumping off point for each new curriculum block. This course will also further your understanding of traditional Chinese diagnosis and treatment strategies.

Program Enrollment
  ● There is a discount for the complete 33-week series ($599).
  ● Optionally, participants can enroll for curriculum blocks of 2-3 classes as outlined in the schedule ($39/2-week block and $59/3-week block for a total of $648).
  ● Curriculum blocks can be enrolled out of series but will not count toward certification (which requires the full sequence in order).
  ● Upon completion of all CTM 2 workshops, a 50-hour certificate will be issued.

Fall/Spring 2023-2024 CTM 2 series (dates TBA)
 “Advanced Breathing Methods to Strengthen Your Lung Qi" (2 weeks)
  “Tiger Play: Harmonizing Your Lungs and Liver” (4 weeks)   
  “Xingyi Tripartite Stance: Strengthening Root and Intention” (2 weeks)
  “Bagua Circle Walking for Unifying Your Legs and Spine" (2 weeks)
  Bear Play: Supplementing Your Kidney, Liver, and Digestion (4 weeks)
  Swimming Dragon: Opening the Three Levels” (2 weeks)
“Guo Lin's New Qigong: cancer-therapy walk (2 weeks)
  The Deer Play: Nourishing Your Spine and Tendons (4 weeks)
Monkey Play: Harmonizing Digestion and Refreshing Your Brain" (4 weeks)
“Applying the Five Animals Play to Tai Chi” (2 weeks)
  Crane Play: Nourishing Heart and Lung, refining the Spirit" (4 weeks)
  "Improvised (Spontaneous) Five Animals Play and Personalized Practice" (1 week)

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